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A Poem for a Poet: An Ode to Gord Downie

Concert tees are affectionately donned
As we anticipate the end,
A night in history being made
The beat in our hearts transcend.
Your anguish and genius shine
As you rock across the screen,
The beauty and the sadness as
You belted Fiddlers Green.
What you accomplished in music
Atop Canada’s lyrical throne,
You’re a poet of poets,
And that’s no Little Bones.
Your energy is palpable
And performed at your best,
Your fans are so grateful
For the Courage and zest.
In the last of your days
May you remember the screams,
Of the fans who adored you
The man, the Machine.
An open end to your journey
Of yours will be true,
Forever an Unplucked Gem, and full of Grace, Too.

Written by Afton Murphy

Inspiration · Nature · Poetry

Infinite Blue

Calm and so peaceful
the waves rocking slow
As the sun dances gently
on my freckles a’glow
Breeze lifting me lighter
and cleansing my woes
It inhales all my heavy
as salt water flows
The skies and the ocean
blend infinite blue
Clouds boasting their presence
with gulls flying through
Surrounded by motion
yet my soul becomes still
There’s no other place
which resets such good will
Sun kissed on my shoulders
and waves in my hair
Dressed with the wild
of the ocean and air
The time I could waste
out here with this view
Lost in life’s beauty
so infinitely blue.

Written by Afton Murphy




Holidays · Parenthood · Poetry

Your Mom

Your frame so small, delicate and new,
with dampened skin like the morning dew.
Snuggled in my arms, here at last,
suddenly those months are over so fast.
I dreamt of your smile, and pink button-nose,
the dimples, the giggles, and ten tiny toes.
The most beautiful baby, perfectly nestled
in fleece sound asleep, warm, and settled.
Days from before, now fuzzy and old,
new adventures ahead, little people to mould.
Formed in my belly, but grown first in my heart,
the best lied ahead I knew from the start.
Though I created your life, I’m indebted to you
You made me your mom, no gift compares to.
Watching you shape into your own little souls,
is a joy, and privilege, the gold of all goals.
Each year on your birthday, we celebrate you
A little bigger, and brighter, and smarter too.
So proud and so grateful, my heart overflows,
how special I feel as the mom that you chose.
In sync as a family, where you go I go too
There’s no you without me, and no me without you.

Written by Afton Murphy166523_190305597651667_2091778_n533316_10150966899081804_853799587_n